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Solar Charge Controller





Specifications Overview

Application ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION:- - Home Lightning System, Battery Charging with Solar Module, DC Load Operation

Operating Voltage - 12V/30A & 24V/30A

Recommended SPV Wattage (max.) - 12V/500Wp, 24V/1000Wp

Charging and Load Efficiency - >90%

Max. Load Current - 8A

Max. Panel Current - 30A



Normal Indication (Green LED) - Full Glow Indicated Working Properly

Battery Low (Red LED) - Full Glow Indicated Battery is Discharged

Overload Indication - Red LED Full Glow-Overload, Red LED Blink 10 Times-SPV Overload

Charging & Full Charging - Green LED Continuous Glow Indicates Charging, When Battery is Full Charged Green LED Will Start Blinking

Extra Features - Mobile Charging Available

Load Short Circuit Protection, Battery Reverse Polarity Protection, Battery Low & Over Charging Protection, Overload Protection, SPV Reverse Polarity Protection


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