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Elite 60W – 70W LED comes with Maximum power point tracker (MPPT) charge controller. MPPT is an electronic DC to DC converter that optimizes the match between the solar array i.e. PV panels, and the battery bank or utility grid. To put it simply, they convert a higher voltage DC output from solar panel down to the lower voltage needed to charge batteries. That’s helps to increase the battery life and backup. With the extra feature of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), it helps to control and acquire health status from street light.


  • Designed, developed and manufactured in india
  • Higher efficiency solar panel for better output
  • High quality mppt driver
  • Automatic dimming option available
  • Better battery backup on cloudy or rainy days
  • >50000 hrs. Led life span
  • Ip67 rated luminary
  • Lithium ion and lithium ferro phosphate battery available with Standalone system
  • Optional bluetooth remote control which enables to manage On/off, dimming and health check of led fittings.
  • Dimming, Motion sensor & Bluetooth optional feature
  • Aluminum extruded heat sink for proper heat dissipation
  • Higher lumens LED’s with 160LM/W
  • Driver - MPPT charging Technique with >94?ficiency
  • Increases Current when Low panel voltage that’s increase charging Efficiency
  • Less Panel rating required in compare to PWM
  • In Bluetooth following features can control and check status
  • a. Battery voltage, Panel Voltage, Battery Current,
  • b. Panel Current, LED Voltage, LED Current
  • c. LED ON/OFF Status and Control
  • d. LED Intensity and Control
  • e. Battery Charging Level



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