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Solar Home Lighting System


Elecssol offers the most technically innovative range of solar-powered LED Lighting & Power Solutions. We offer 200W - 300W Solar panels with Saubhagya Scheme Home Lighting System.

Elecssol 12V/20A solar charge controller with inbuilt 16x2 LCD Display is a compact and low power conception PV charging system which is recently launched by our experts that provides maximum charging efficiency in any environmental condition. This charge controller is equipped with a number of outstanding features such as charging status indications, low voltage disconnect indication and safety functions. It works on Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. It provides three state charging that maintain the battery health and increase the battery life also. The inbuilt 16x2 LCD display with back light to shows all real time parameters in day and night both.

Elecssol uses new-generation Lithium LiFeP04 batteries which offers 3 times more storage and power capacity versus conventional Lead Acid batteries.This product is suitable for battery charging upto Li-FePO4 12.8V, 80Ah battery.

Elecssol offers a break-through and valuable function in ‘remotely’ operating and monitoring performance of each system. It uses a range of wireless connection technologies such as Bluetooth or GPRS.



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